Friday, October 5, 2012

Grooming Kids, Debit/ Credit Card Swipe and Why Size Matters

1. I know you are dreaming of what your kid must be like when he is 20 and are thinking how you can make this a seamless. Because what i have understood from many experiences are shaping a individuals life by force or stringently controlling the events of a persons life to the precision of days or weeks is a job well done only by God and nobody else might have achieved a success in this without considerable burnout.

But if you are too serious about your kids and want to make sure you are filling all the gaps that they face in the future there is no other means than to keep a infinite parallel thread thinking about this which logs each and every decision or action or thought flow that your brain or mind performs and think how your kid that is a generation ahead might be facing things and how you can make it as simple as possible for him those things that took a considerable effort for you.

His track may be entirely different but decision making always involves the same EQ and IQ and tuning of the thought process and choosing one in many. There are many things you might come across, a problem which you faced for weeks and later after some months you realize that there was a simple thing which could have solved your problem in a moment, that's the kind of learning exactly that your kid might benefit if you are able to recall the random set of thoughts in the right order at the right moment when your kid needs it the most. So a separate thread even though eats some extra thought moments is worth it.

2.I am not sure how card swiping as a means of money transaction became so popular. At least online transaction even though risky is in some way protected by the password that we have only in our brain. But the card swipe where there is no confidential information and who know what is inside that electronic equipment and whether it is authentic or not. Online transactions we can check for secure urls correct urls and can identify spam in one way or other even though not entirely fool proof. But how do you just walk in to a new city just take your card which contains all your capital and swipe your card which can give anyone access to your back account, Is there any way to authenticate the Card readers these stores use. I don't think even with the greatest effort we can validate a card reader. May be i am ignorant about certain security factors, but let us discuss the mechanism behind it and bring it to the common people.

3. The smaller the population of a country the better is its growth and popularity and strength in terms of everything. It that how the world operates. Based on the recent stream of data that i came across, i am getting such a claim makes reasonable sense. But i am surprised at this as shouldn't this be vice-versa as the more the population of a country, there will be more greater minds and hence more growth curve. Why is it not that way. Is there any proven reasoning behind this.

Country - Population (2011)
India - 1,241,491,960 (2011)
United States - 314,519,000 (2011)
Japan - 127,817,277 (2011)

South Korea - 49,779,000 (2011) 
Singapore - 5,183,700 (2011)
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