Thursday, August 8, 2013

Songs, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Subliminal Messaging and That is All

There are some sites that sell subliminal messages in MP3, texts and images. Well all the good they did was that they introduced me to this medical term which speaks volumes.

The Bible when we read it modifies the way we think, brings calmness to our brain and mind. The soul reason behind this is that Bible seamlessly does neuro linguistic programming using a Subliminal stimuli which in turn rewires the mess in our brain and organizes the channels and stabilizes the electrical fluctuations in our brain which brings the calmness and pleasant in control experience we get.

In the olden days when they wrote the Bible, Bhagavad Gita they did this same thing being aware of the impact it will have on the humans mind. They knew the world is going to get messed up over a period of time and the innocent ones are going to need something healthy and positive to get their engine running again and live a complete life (ooops.. ah.. i will try to define it in another post).

The songs too did the same thing, they depending on the music or lyrics or in general the sounds that are made which when decoded in our brain the brain which obviously is the most powerful computer as many scientists put it, obviously since we are not able to figure out whether its a computer or a quantum computer or something infinitely capable, OK simply we have not yet found it exactly, Can process the sound vibrations into its own language what ever it is, yeah into electrical impulses perceives it as either a happy or rocking or sad inducing signal and outputs those derived parameters in our expressions. Same ways when songs cheer us up induce energy and confidence in us, we get up and start doing stuff that we have always dreamed but never actually did.

The brains function is programmable, that is what gives us all the capability to do new things that are within our physical scope. Like the computer which can run a software but is limited by the hardware RAM or PROCESSOR it has.

The inputs like the ones that are being fed to our Sense if programmed in a way we get the desired output in the output channel it will do all the magic and make the default feeling as Happiness, It is when we are not able to do that we get into other negative emotions.

In addition the subliminal messages in general are not going to really make all those hear great. It is we who know our feelings. as there is no feelings transmitting device yet and can know better when we feel better and to what we feel better, eventhough why we feel better might go unanswered most of the times.
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