Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Static Analysis Tool for Models and Builders of IBM WebSphere Web Experience Factory.

One of the key features of WebSphere Web Experience Factory (WWEF) is the Model Inspection and Reporting Tool. This tool generates a reports which gives an over all summary about the builders and models and how they are organized to create the required functionality. It guides the developers with some generic best practices wherever our models are not following them and gives some suggestions through relevant documentation.Various statistics like number of builders in the whole application, number of types of builders are also provided.

As it is still in the beta stage, the content to my knowledge is not covering all the aspects of the best practices. But we have an option where we can define our own inspection definition. This can be done by updating the file basic_inspections.xml with custom inspection definition. We can use this to define the project specific inspection requirements.

It is similar to Check Style which is used to analyze the java programs for various levels and helps programmers write code that adheres to coding standards. Hope in the final product the reporting tool in WWEF will become something similar or better then the existing CheckStyle implementations.

I have attached some reports below that are generated using WWEF with the sample models provided with the tool. Have a look at it to get some in depth idea.

You can find a detailed information on this page.
Model Inspection and Reporting Tool
Sample Reports
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