Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apple, Trademark and Far Far Away From The Solar System.

1. What if one day Apple will buy all the apple growing fields on the Earth.

2. Shouldn't apple pay to the nature for choosing the Word Apple to name itself. I think all the Apple farmers should collect some fee from Apple Inc. for taking the natural product that they grow and using their names to their products.

3. When they say Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc. does that mean the word Apple cannot be used by anybody. I have read somewhere that the term when trademarked is restricted for others to trademark only within that particular line of business. Am i not true?

A screenshot from www.apple.com
4. Was that even a legal or acceptable or may be even a correct action to allow Apple to register the Trademark in the name of "Apple", when it is a natural element. Google or Yahoo as names doesn't refer to any natural elements, Yeah may be "Sun" Microsystems might be a similar one. But aren't there any reserved words which cannot be registered as a trademark.

5. Why Apple was not able to come up with a unique name like Google, Yahoo, Forbes and chose the name of the fruit. Should i assume that myself as a marketing tactics of Apple to achieve ubiquity.

6. What happened when Voyager 1 probe and Voyager 2 probe crossed the "Termination Shock" at 12.56 bn km and how did they manage to not get terminated. Was it even ever possible for a human being to withstand the Termination shock. If it happens that a human can never withstand a termination shock that is it meaningful to invest in space beyond that zone to analyze and try to reach.May be we wanna keep a watch on someone who comes through from the other end.
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