Saturday, May 14, 2011

WOW Now IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory is IBM WebSphere Web Experience Factory. have been working in IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory (here after referred as WPF) for quite a while. Its really an amazing tool. Although some hard core coders may not be happy because of very little coding necessities others will be surprised by the way the WPF works. The Builders and Models will do all the magic for you. You just need to configure various inputs that are required for the builders and they will bring the portal alive. A long time developer needs to change his way of thinking and learning a bit to become effective in WPF.

IBM has identified all the applicable design patterns for every little implementation to make sure the code that is generated by the WPF is optimized to the best. Some crazy developers might find it irritating because they cannot attempt to make some changes directly by editing the code. They will have to do such things using the builders. This is why it needs some rewiring in their brains to learn WPF.

WPF can not only be used to build portlets we can also build Web Applications and Widgets and a variety of other Applications. But initially this was not the sole purpose of the WPF. Some Intelligent Architects identified that we can build Web Applications with this and leveraged the capability of the WPF to build their Web Applications.

I was wondering then why was it named as Portlet Factory when this factory has the power to deliver apps and widgets and now IBM, i am not sure, seems to have realized this recently and changed the name of the product to IBM WebSphere Web Experience Factory. That was cool. Now not only you can build portlets you can build the whole web experience with this suite.

No more Happy Coding...
It's Happy Modeling henceforth...

try it out here
Try IBM WebSphere Web Experience Factory
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