Saturday, July 21, 2012

Panasonic FPR 3D TV - TC-L42ET5 - Why such a price variation?

I have been waiting for Panasonic TC-L42ET5, the first FPR 3D TV from Panasonic. It has arrived in India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai last week. I thought i will check out the prices in some local showrooms only to get terribly disappointed by the pricing. Below are the price details in various stores that i visited.

Panasonic USA - Offer Price - $900.99 (INR 49,753)
Panasonic USA -Without Offer Price - $1,099.99 (INR 60,742)
Viveks, Tambaram - INR 77,000.
Croma Retail - INR 72,190
eBay - INR 75000

Why is there such a huge price variation even during offer periods?

Can any one suggest me whether there is any option to get this TV below 65K. Really sad to see that Amazon does not ship these kind of products to India :(.

What will be the price movement of this product in the coming months, will it rise or fall?

I will be checking in the Panasonic showroom tomorrow, Will keep it posted here? Thanks in Advance!
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