Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interview Questions - Flex

1. How does event propagation happen?
2. How to stop the event propagation in between before it reaches the top level element intended to?
3. What i light weight and heavy weight?
4. What is the difference between Flex 3.0 and Flex 4.5?

5. What is the difference between Array and Array Collection?

Top Level: Array:
  1. It is a dynamic class and extends Object
  2. Is used to manipulate Arrays
  3. push and pop operations can be performed
  4. if used in bindings values are not monitored
  5. simple form of data maniipulation
  6. cannot directly add event listener
  7. cursor functionality not available
  1. It is not a dynamic class and extends List Collection View
  2. Is a wrapper class that exposes Array to be manipulated by the methods of ICollectionView or IList.
  3. Here we have a property called source which is the original array itself.
  4. push and pop will not work
  5. addItemAt(), removeItemAt() will work
  6. if used in bindings values are monitored that is events are raised for any specific change in the state of the ArrayCollection.
  7. advanced array manipulations methods are available
  8. directly add event listener
  9. sort and filter possible
  10. cursor functionality available.
6. How will you define Array in mxml tag?

<mx:Object label="California" data="CA" >
<mx:Object label="Pennsylvania" data="PA">
<mx:Object label="Philadelphia" population="1479339" />
<mx:Object label="Texas" data="TX" />

7. What is the difference between Datagrid and Advanced Datagrid?
8. You have a Datagrid. You have a inline item renderer for one column.From the item renderer you have to call a method that is defined on the top level script block. How will you call?
9. How will you send the form data using HTTPService?
10. How will you call a method from a child tag which is defined in the parent tag?
11. How will you access a property file inside Flex application.
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