Sunday, May 20, 2012


I started getting more health conscious these days. Wanted to find some ways to make myself healthy and live a longer life. Was searching for ways in modern days lifestyle, but seems like there are things that can only make us worse. Video games, TV, Movies, simply things that make us sit in one place for a long time definitely not good for health (except the Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect which definitely is a life span increaser). We should not have become social like this, seems like we could have been nomads like our older generations.

Recently i learned that just walking for 5 minutes every 30 minutes can increase my life span by 3 to 5 years. I really cannot believe that but its true. So i started going back in time looking for some health supplements that actually work and that lead me to an ancient Chinese medicine which is created from a plant called Camellia sinensis. This medicine seems to act as medicine for various health disorder and also seems to have many health benefits too. This ended my journey for nearly 2 months in the search of a health supplement and i started drinking it once everyday in the evening, but surprisingly from the day i started drinking it i also started doing more analysis on this and seems like this drink has mind possibilities that it can get down to DNA level and improve our body condition.

There is a whole book that talks about the health benefits of this drink, you can find it here:

Please find some time to go through this book, as i promise you a high quality time going through this because this can make impact not only until you get off your bed but can make positive changes to your entire generation.

You could have heard Jennifer Love Hewitt say in the movie The Tuxedo, when Jackie Chan asks her whether she will have a coffee with him, she says "I drink only organic green tea". She doesn't look that beautiful but still that dialogue might inspire you to try a cup one.

Still if you don't find any good reason to try green tea just do it because its something different, humans are supposed to be excited by anything that new and different.
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