Friday, June 22, 2012

Questions That Went Unanswered in Prometheus - Movie Review

I was following this movie for quite some time and the trailers themselves made me get an adrenaline rush. So i became hungry for more and more information about this movie. It was a pretty nice journey learning about the Greek Mythology and Prometheus who is a Titan who is credited with the creation of man from clay. The concept of creation of man from clay seem to be belief across mythologies like Babylonian, Yoruba, Egyptian etc...

The robotic auto surgical capsule was an ultimate gadget but doesn't seem too geeky. Except for the display
it just had some motorized arms and blades. It could have been better. But that part would have sent a shiver in everyone's spine as i have never seen anything even close to this. Well may be yeah, be this reminds me of Sylvester Stallone who in a movie using a knife will take a bullet out of his body himself, but still this is much more terrible than that.

Her spectacular survival instincts are vital attributes for survival even in this planet, something everyone has to learn.

But there are certain things that i didn't understand in the movie,

What were those human like aliens doing in that moon in first place?
Why did they come there?
Why were they sleeping in the cryogenic chamber, waiting for whom?
From where did that black alien come from and how?
Why did that alien come to the planet earth and what is the intention of trying to create life in the earth? What was their plan?
The 3d map generated by those robotic lasers shows multiple stories of decks in that cave, but the human's seem to have explored only a part of it, Whats there in the other floors?
Where was the TED Talk i saw in the IMDB, wasn't that a part of the movie? In fact that is one of the major reason which triggered me to watch that movie.

and finally
Where did Shaw fly?

I believe my questions will be answered in Prometheus Part 2 and am gonna eagerly wait for any gossip or rumor about it.
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