Friday, March 16, 2012

Drink Water and Serve Water.

“Five billion birds die in the U.S. every year,” said Melanie Driscoll, a biologist and director of bird conservation for the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi Flyway for the National Audubon Society."

That is very sad to hear. It might take millions of dollars to do research and find out such information, but often it mostly doesn't take much to solve the problems that are identified like this. Birds may die not only due to human intervention or some other creatures even though others creatures eating birds is a essential part of the normal food cycle for the earth to be a habitable place for all the beautiful creatures that God has created.

They die because of heat that is in its extreme in this summer period and due to pollution that is spoiling their ecosystem. Well what we can do is to keep water pots for the lovely birds who entertain us with their sweet voices. We can do this in all the homes and regularly day. Make sure you are placing the water pot on your balcony or rooftop in a shade.

Please spread this word to all humans you know, we can definitely bring the numbers down in another 5 years and our kids can enjoy more beautiful chirps of birds.
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