Saturday, December 18, 2010

Smush IT from Yahoo - Optimize web images.
Yahoo has designed a new website. If you give your coca cola tins as input to the site they will smudge it like this and send you back. OK just kidding, It was terribly boring out here, Don't get angry. Are you building a website. Having troubles achieving the page speed that you expect. There are several tweaking mechanisms that needs to be incorporated and various elements that make up an entire web page needs to be considered and treated in a special way to optimize them and make them contribute to the reduced page latency. Images has always been an matter to consider whole talking about decreasing the page latency. There are several ways to deal with the images.

They are like lazy loading, Smush it and several other tools are available to minimize the image size without loosing its quality and detail.

Some sites that has made extensive use of images through out the site can go for tools like Smush it which is a image optimizing tool from Yahoo for web publishing. The tool takes the images as input processes them by using various filters and removes the unwanted information in the image and results in a image which has not lost its quality but as some unwanted information from the image has been removed the resulting images show some considerable reduction in size.

If your images are very little then this might not show major changes in the website performance. But if you lot of images of medium size then you can see visible difference in you web page latency. More of my analysis on optimizing web images to be done in my upcoming blogs.
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