Sunday, December 12, 2010


Our mind has tremendous power which can take control of anything and do anything that we haven't event thought of. If you go back in your life and think of days when you were searching for an answer for a question which you didn't get even after hours of googling but suddenly one fine morning you got the answer from no where when you woke up. I am sure everyone has gone through these things.

There is no mystery behind this its all the power of mind which somehow already knows everything. Start listening to the inner voice of your mind which has all the answers for your questions. I know i am talking weird thing. But what makes you think like that, why not the things that i say can be true. Why not try it once , you are not going to loose anything.

Anyways leave it if it doesn't interests you. I have started this blog just to pour out all the information that has been in my brain and i am not able to figure out what i am going to do with it. Ofcourse i am not going to spill out some of those things that are my personal and belongs to me. I just want to share the rich information that i have inside my brain with this world . Why I am doing this? ... Well I am one of those who always want to make this world a better place for good people.

And I am sure there are very little like minded people and i am finding it difficult to find out those people . There blog for me i a hunting platform where I am not gonna hunt lions or tigers but people who are like minded like me so that we can join and try our best to create a better world for our kids and other good people.
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