Sunday, December 12, 2010


Ya ofcourse I love cars but i was thinking that it was rather a unlively statement to say that I like cars... How can someone love cars as cars. There should be some thing more spesific that some one likes but not able to visualize what one exactly likes. May be I like the speed or the car, watching that speedometer raise in seconds from 0 to 300 or may be i like the curves and the muscles with which a car has been build. There may be millions of reasons. But wait I like cars because it makes one feel royal to own a car and drive one. There can be audi's and skoda's and bmw's but my all time favourite for the last 5 years is the mind blowing in performance and stunning in looks "Honda CiViC" . When it comes to beauty, being magnetic and attractive EYES play a major role I hope you will agree with me. And there comes my rocking hero. Its eyes are really stunning and undoubtedly a head turner. Its body curves are steep and its length add up a muscle to its ergonomics leaving the leopard to fly at a lightning 100 km/h in 13 sec . Its sharp front helps in cutting the air giving us a floating experience.
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