Thursday, August 7, 2014

Using Moto E for a week

I am using Moto E for a week now.

Its a good progress in smartphone. The 4 inch screen does most of the work in making this a worthy device.

The touchscreen is so smooth that I want to use it more.

The touch hold n feel is good although single hand operation seems to be not that easy for a 4 inch itself, so I am wondering wat is going to happen wen I get the Nexus 6 which I wish is 6 inches.

Watching Big Bang Theory was average as I got affectionate to screen size after I got the 42 inch TV in my home.

One spec that's gonna heavily haunt you is the internal memory, although 2 GB is huge for a guy who previously had lg optimus one ( with a 150 MB internal storage ) in one day after I shamelessly loaded all the communication are apps and social apps it already only 600 mb free. I wonder why FB uses 100 MB of space. Frequent memory cleaning and stuff is going to be necessary although there are apps for that. Still a higher internal memory will be totally worth it.

The music through speaker is awful although there are sound effects which when modified may give some improvement, will try n update on that.

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