Thursday, August 7, 2014

3D is no longer a gimmick

There are more than 100 3d movies to watch now. So anyone who has not tried 3d so far should check LG or Sony showroom to take a peek at  another dimension.

You will  notice great depth in movies like Prometheus and pop right into y our face kinda graphics in despicable me and Rio 2.

With PS4 getting the update to support 3d blue ray movies I an expecting 3d games to be released soon. Can't explain how wonderful a 3d open world game would be with lot of colourful environments like Second Son and combat like Battlefield. Don't you think it will have a major impact on the entire gameplay experience itself.

The pop up stuff are something that we want more in 3d movies but recently I started to enjoy the whole new perspective the depth is scene creates for example in movies like pacific rim and RIPD.

Thanks to Passive 3D we don't have to wear those heavy glasses with all the batteries n stuff, these passive ones are totally comfy to wear and bigger viewing space n angle.

Also there are dual play modes where users can play coop instead of splitting screen. Splitting screen takes the fun n breaks into half wen u have bought a 42 or bigger inch TV. Now the 2 glasses can show u 2 different player screen in one TV with full screen space. I think I hear the neighbour kids screaming in joy, or nay be its the inner child in me.

Although regular TV viewing in 3D definitely sounds like gimmick with only one DTH providing only one channel at least in India. I wish this changes soon.

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