Saturday, February 5, 2011

Horizontal Web Layout The next big wave is here. Something new has always excited everyone. When this new things makes life simple people love it. If it makes your life meaningful humans just can't get of it. This is what every business is about. So it all starts with something new and making an impression in the minds of people that this new thing is something amazing and show them how it makes their life better. 

Vertical layout has always been a fashion in the web design because of various factors like readability, simple to understand no need to change the way we think through. I think this vertical scroll bar came into place and became so dominant just because one of defect or may be I’ll call it some missing feature in every machine that is to move the page vertically when we scroll using the mouse.

Think of a browser or a window where when you scroll, things move in the horizontal way for example when you have a list of images somewhat high in number may be 500 in a folder in windows and you have them listed by list when there are more they tend to scroll horizontally then vertically which is the case which happens when we have arranges the list in any other form say details or tiles. I see this horizontal way of scrolling very helpful when i am browsing through a huge list of content which needs to be display in a single page. In future I believe there will be many sites that take advantage of this horizontal scrolling layout.

I am just in search of the script which will help you scroll left and right rather than scroll down, I’ll put it in my blog in the coming day the second I find it. Some places where I see this kind of styles can be applied is to display blogs day by day with the thumbnails and when i click on the thumbnails it just pops up a div tag with a blog post in it. An amazing application of this I have already seen is in the piclens which is a cool graphical way to surf the web for rich content where you have a wall over which all the content are thrown and you can gaze through them with a blue scroll bar which makes the navigation through the site highly interactive and cool and pleasing to our eyes and brain. 

In the web and information science there’s always been a hunt for techniques to display more information with less clutter and mess on the display. More on this in my upcoming blogs.
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