Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is the past our future Nano is an amazing innovation in the field of automobiles. But the gap it fills seems to be something that is very dangerous. People who can never think of buying acar as its cost was nearly morethan 2 lakhs can all start planning for their car now and people who are planning to buy a two wheeler will think of moving to TATA NANO. Ofcourse who is going to say that i don't need the comfort of a car and i will struggle in the rain and sun and harsh winds.

Every child gets bored of toy cars by playing with Toy Cars in its childhood and starts looking for a Real Car. Having such a Kid at home parents have no escape.
There are totally 2524131 cars in this world and if we go ahead and add the number of two wheelers along with this the number grows so big. The number of vehicles increasing in this range is not a good sign. The The Energy resources we have seem to be reducing so fast that our next generation will see a major change in their lifestyle.

What if there are no more petrol or diesel or oil on which the automobiles run. Just think of a day where there is not even one drop of petrol to run over vehicles. Forget about water, people are working on converting sea water to drinkable, Hope it will work. But How are we going to run our Chevrolet Optra and Hyundai City when there are no Fuel. We will left only with the choice to walk to office or take a bullock cart he olden way our great grand parents used to travel.

Will this past somehow creep into our present and become our future. There is a chase between the Next generation Fuels and the fuels that are driving towards extinction. What if the fuels we are using gets sweeped of in a early stage were the future fuels have not yet proved its presence well. I have a meeting with  the angels in the heaven they said they have an answer for this question. I will tell you after the meeting. please be patient.
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