Saturday, March 29, 2014

Google Glass

I always thought the reason we are not allowed to talk on cellphone while driving are below.
  • While listening to the caller and thinking what response to provide them it takes up 50% of our focus out of driving which is very dangerous for everyone.
  • While holding the phone on one side of our face it blocks our 200 degree view and the side views being very important while driving in heavy traffic.
  • Takes up half of our hand from steering wheel which means we can only steer half of its full capability again resulting in huge out of control issues.
  • And some more.
Now when Google Glass is being considered for ban while driving i was thinking of below scenarios.
  • I wonder how car companies cleared the design of placing the GPS in the middle of the car which is completely out of sync with our viewing angles while driving. Voice may help but still, hey there is a screen for a reason. This is one thing Google solves so majestically. No need to go out of driving views. This is gonna prevent tons of unrest in driving.
  • Now when people are driving they are allowed to listen to music, they are allowed to speak to other co passengers. I am wondering how much different the brain activity will be if
    • I am talking to a person sitting next to me and responding to him back and
    • I am talking to a person on Google glass or hands free.
  • Are there any simulation techniques using which these are measured.
  • Also people have mobile phones with cameras all over the place, so a camera on the head ya new but not freaky at all may be Google should add those tiny colorful LEDs that are there in the bottom of mobile to indicate status to show whether its recording may lessen the creepiness.

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