Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Japan had a Tsunami ? was some very messy environment in the upper world. People involved in the management of the heaven and hell are involved in a very serious discussion. Every year in the upper world they do account closing like the way they do in our world. And this year during the account closing process there was lot of discrepancies.

They have a logic out there which says for a *particular amount of sin caused by the humans in the Planet Earth a calculated number of life accounts have to be closed prematurely else this will dismantle the whole system. But the death rate and sin rate don't seem to tally each other in this year. So they had to plan a clean up procedure to tally this thing and after various mysterious calculations they have decided to schedule a tsunami and Japan was just a random choice.

After this process the calculations still don't seem to tally and somewhere the next clean up procedure in being scheduled. You will come to know about it as it happens.

* conditions apply
The life account that is about to be closed need not be necessarily of the person who has committed those sin. They just need to tally the numbers... and when the numbers are huge this is how things are done.
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