Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dreaming about building a better world. is my concept of changing this world. This world is very big and is organized and functioning on things that can come to an end one day or the other. We being very hybrid creatures and as we are evolving each and every day we should identify new ways of organizing the way this world operates which should be future proof and has the capability to get stabilized over a decade and stay stable for at least 3 millenniums to come.

Currently if you see this world is completely organized by money. Money has become a universal language. Trade happens in terms of money at all levels of granularity. But money is not an infinite resource.

So this makes money a finite resource. If we are functioning based on a system that runs on a finite resource, the system will tend to come to an end one day.

If we want to have all our future generations live a happy and healthy life then we are supposed to construct an economy with some element which is infinite in availability. Now in my opinion there is one such element that is infinite. It is idea. Ideas are something that is infinite and every 6 sensed being has in abundance. A nation’s power or capability should not be judged by the amount of money they have or any other volatile factor.

The number of ideas that a nation has should decide the power of that nation. Trade should happen in terms of ideas. Every individual has an amazing brain and he gets millions of chemical reactions in his brain every day and his/her brain generated 100‘s of new ideas every day. But because of we living in a world where ideas don’t matter and money matters more we end up concentrating more on money and forget about the million dollar idea that came up in our mind just a couple of minutes back and start working toward some few pennies to live a normal life.

In early day’s trade used to happen in terms of vegetables fruits and grains and other such elements. But humans not being able to quantify things on an international basis they discovered the concept of money. But as world has evolved we can no more depend on these olden concepts. We are supposed to disrupt few existing methodologies and come up with something new and construct a much healthy world around it.

As we have car factories and bike factories we should have idea factories which will generate millions of new ideas and of course we are supposed to follow open source kind of management to spread the word around the world. What you say?
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