Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Habit of Writing A Diary.

http://thebaumer.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/dear_diary.gifPeople have become very busy now a days. Businessman, Doctor's, Lawyers, and Human's in any other professionals find it very difficult to manage time. Even though some people manage time they struggle to find some free time of their own. When frustrated they start fighting with God asking for more than 24 hours a day. But that's gross. Name any person in this world even some most successful person, see all of them have the same amount of time that you have. The way you manage time is all that makes a difference.

I have seen the lot of previous generation humans having a habit of writing a Diary. But i see this habit is reducing now a days. Let it be information era or technology era or what ever nothing gives us the comfortable feel of putting things in our head in a paper. But as some professional have a career of traveling  over majority of time in their life They are always in search of some better way to jote down their thoughts in a memorable place.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_jl1lxZjKNTw/STzmdYc_2AI/AAAAAAAAATw/hc0JrVgpV9s/s400/Samsung_YP-U3_2GB_Blue.jpgRecently when i got into such a situation i figured out a rather cool and interesting way to jote down my memory waves and save it for future reference. I had a MP3 player which i frequently got as a birthday gift from my uncle . Its a Samsung U3. I love its look and feel and of course its music. The thing that i love most is its LED GLOW. It will look really cool. It happened like i had to take a couple of notes on the move which i had to store for my next assignment. I took my U3 and started recording my notes and the key points that i thought will be important. And from then onwards i enjoyed the flexibility of the recorder and it was pretty cool in helping me out with taking notes and sometimes just to download some thoughts from my Brain.

I think lot of people might not have used this feature which is present in almost every music player. This might be a less used feature. But if you find that this is something for you. You will get addicted to it. Some times it seems like get wild with this that you have everything in your brain in the mp3 player and it happened once to me that the full mp3 player was of my recordings and there were no songs in it. So there is evil in everything. Enjoy Life.
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